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Here at PX Webdesign we have been involved with web development since 1998 and have seen the Internet grow from something that was seen only as chat rooms and personal pages to now what many people consider to be an essential part of their business. Infact, we have many clients who without the internet their business would not exist or be able to operate to the efficiency it does today.

We remember a time when client's would come to us to ask if they really need a website - but now it is not a question of if they need a website, but how far should they go with their web presence.

What does Website Consultancy involve?

Website consultancy is a new form of service that helps ensure that you are making the right decision when it comes to the presence of your business on the Internet. There are so many organisations out there now they can offer website development but how are you meant to know which one is the right one for you?

Website Consultancy involves us assisting you to compare between different web developers quotes and make sense of what each firm is offering you. Or if you already have an existing website we can do an overview of it for you and give you suggestions on areas needing improvement.

Ensuring the design is right for you

DesignYour website could look great design wise - but is it designed with your target market/s in mind? All to often we have seen some great designs only to find that these designs were not built to appeal the market/s the business deals with.

Websites are about more than just design

The content, word usage and navigation on your website is just as important as the design and this is one key factor we see missed by many web designers. Your website needs to be thought as another channel of marketing for your business and make visitors want to learn more about your business and take that final conversion step to contact you.

Website loading speeds and usability

SpeedYou might know how to navigate and use your website but does an average visitor? We are able to conduct usability testing for you to ensure that visitors of your website are able to navigate the website easily and find the information that they are looking for. We also can conduct loading speed tests for your website to ensure that its loading time is acceptable for users across a wide range of Internet connections.

Is your site built to Website Standards?

Just like building a house there are certain website standards that your website should adhere to. Developing your website to these standards will help ensure the future maintainability and access of your website. It also assists with making your website more accessible by vision impaired people - a legal requirement of all websites.

Is your website Search Engine Friendly?

Search Engine FriendlyWhen developing your website it is also critical to ensure that it has been designed correctly to allow Search Engines to find the content on your website and also rank you higher for key search terms you want to be found under. We are able to verify that your website is Search Engine Friendly by drawing on our many years of experience in this area.

Do we have to use PX Webdesign for the development of the website?

This is one of the unique parts of our service - your website does not need to have been developed by us. We are able to step in as a third party and look over your existing or quoted website and give you guidance as to what is the ideal way to achieve what you are after.

During the consultancy we promise not to try and sell our own services - we are just passionate about ensuring that your web presence is a good as it can be!

Let's do it!

If you are interested in our Website Consultancy service then please contact us and we will help ensure that your business web presence is successful.

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