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Why Choose Us?

We at PX Webdesign have been providing web hosting solutions for over 7 years to our valued clients. Over this time we have come to learn what our clients want and need such as establishing our own web hosting server based right here in Australia.


Isn't Overseas Cheaper?

One of the key factors of our website hosting is that our own server is based in Sydney, NSW giving your customers located within Australia some of the fastest speeds possible when it comes to loading time on your website. Many hosts offer cheaper pricing but this comes with a loss of slow loading times of your website sometimes frustrating visitors to your website.


What about Backups?

We care about your data and as a result have an extensive backup system in place to cover all issues that could arise.

We have daily backups of your website saved to our server along with bi-daily backups to an external server in case of server failure. Also, as a last precaution we have weekly backups done to another server that is located outside of Australia.

The Features

Below are the features of our standard hosting accounts. We can easily cater for special requirements so please contact us for further information.

  • 200 MB Storage Space
  • 2 GB Traffic per Month
  • 1 Subdomain
  • 10 POP3 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Auto-Responders
  • Unlimited Mail Forwarding
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • 24 Hour FTP Access
  • PHP5, SSI and CGI
  • MySQL Databases
cPanel, CentOS, Apache

Also Included

We give you more than just your basic hosting package. We also include the following features as we see them as being vital for any web hosting account.

Hosting based in Australia
99.99% Uptime
7 day tech support

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