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Breeze CMSOur Content Management System (Breeze CMS) will allow you, the owner, to update and make changes to pages on your website at you own leisure and from anywhere with an Internet connection.

ScreenshotIf you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word then you can easily make changes on your website through the use of our word processor styled content editor.

Breeze CMS has been developed by us in response to many of our clients requirements and needs that were not being met with other commercial offerings currently available.

What if I want extra or specialised sections on my website?

When developing Breeze a key factor we kept in mind was extendability and as a result Breeze is very flexible and allows to be extended upon with any other extra sections/modules such as a newsletter system or a document manager.

ScreenshotAlso, It doesn't matter if you require these sections/modules now or later after the website is built - they can be added anytime.

We don't believe in limiting what can be achieved with your website using our CMS. No need for any costly upgrades, our CMS is future proof.

Do you want better Search Engine listings?

Of course you do - what business owner doesn't want their website at the top of search engine results!

Breeze CMS is Search Engine Friendly (SEF) straight 'out of the box'. What this means is the link names (URLs) for the pages on your website are relative to the title/content of the page - not a big link that is just full of useless letters and numbers.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

This assists in your website appearing in search results on popular search engines such as Google and also allows for links to pages on your website that you can email to people that make sense.

Breeze CMS Pricing

No License FeesBreeze (unlike other Content Management Systems) doesn't have any on-going license fees - we believe in only quoting the single fee as once we have developed your website it is yours to own.

We sell Breeze as a complete package for your business - we include the full design of your website, content creation/modification and Content Management System all in the single price. We specialise in developing complete solutions for our clients - not just selling software.

We also include at no extra cost on hour's training on how to update your website along with a printed user guide for future reference. Also included is 6 months of free version updates to Breeze.

Breeze CMS sounds perfect for me - how do I get it?

The next step is to either fill in our easy quotation form or contact us so that we can provide you the pricing on using Breeze to suit your requirements. We don't have one 'flat price' - we believe in providing a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

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We are also more than happy to arrange a demonstration of our Content Management System for you anytime just so you can see how easy it really is to be in control of the content on your website.

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