Custom Web Applications

The Internet has become an everyday tool for many businesses and many more are starting to depend on it as well. Some use it just for email communication, others as an information resource for their business and those who fully embrace it use it for their business operations through the use of Custom Web Applications.

What are they?

Custom Web Applications is a new term that covers a wide range of wide range of applications but the most common part between them all is that the application is centrally hosted (on a main server) and users access the application through their browser.

They can range from a specialised section on your business's website right upto an internal/intranet only access application.


Easier to update

Because the application is centrally hosted there is only one copy to be updated and once it has been all users instantly have access to the new version - there is no need to distrubute and install new copies of the application.


Ease of access

Users will be able to access the application no matter where they are as long as they have internet access and a computer with a browser - no need to worry about different computer setups or operating systems.


Cost saving benefits

There are many ways Custom Web Applications can save your business money. A less expensive computer infrastructure will be required as the server the application is hosted will be doing the majority of the work - the end user just needs a computer capable of running a modern Internet Browser.

Also, less staff time will be needed for management of business tasks along with the ability for staff to access the application outside of the office.

A well organised business is one of the key ways of ensuring a profitable business.

What can be achieved?

The only real limit is your own imagination - we can make many of your business's operations easier and more manageable through the use of Custom Web Applications.

Some solutions could be staff roster management, project collabaration or even a point-of-sale system!


Previous examples

Below are just a few examples of Custom Web Applications that we have developed before.

Positive Response Dog Training

Positive Respose Dog Training Administration InterfacePositive Response approached us with the need for a solution that would allow visitors to their website to register online for their dog training courses. We also created the ability for the staff to add new upcoming courses along with setting enrolment cutoff date and enrollee limits to each course.

Trakonline Auto

Trakonline AutoTrakonline Auto provides vehicle inspection reports to their customers  for when pre purchasing or checking a vehicle. They needed the ability for their inspectors to load the report data onto the website which would then notify the customer via email that their report is online and ready to view.


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